Royal Derby Hospital

2009 saw the opening of the brand new £334 million Royal Derby Hospital to serve a population of over 600,000. Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is a Department of Health rated 3-star acute trust and was one of the first to be awarded foundation status.

It has a total of 1,159 beds and employs over 7000 staff, providing a wide range of services including general medical, surgical, maternity, rehabilitation care and accident and emergency. The Derby Medical School was one of the first graduate entry schools in the country and functions as a satallite site of the University of Nottingham.

Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is known for its innovative and leading approach to patient care. The Intensive Care Unit was awarded Critical Care Team of the Year in 2006 and training in regional anaesthesia at the Pulvertaft Hand Centre is excellent. The Intensive Care department also facilitates the nationally renown “Derby Ultrasound in Critical Care” course and training towards FICE accreditation.